Born in 1983, at the age of 7 he laid his hands on a keyboard. In 2005 graduated in organ and organ composition at the Conservatory in Monopoli (BA) and then the Music Heritage Sciences degree at the University of Salento, specializing in Musicology at the Faculty of Musicology in Cremona.

Finalist at the "C.Bettinardi" Piacenza Jazz contest (ed. 2011) in which he had the opportunity to perform with Massimo Manzi and Attilio Zanchi. While in Cremona he met Roberto Cipelli who introduced him to jazz, collaborating to his first album released by pus(H)IN RECORDS (2010) recorded with Camillo Pace (cb), Lello Patruno (dr). He collaborated with many great musicians such as Marco Tamburini, Gaetano Partipilo, Francesco Angiuli, Hikari Ichihara and Emanuele Cisi among many others.

He also runs parallel research in the archives of the Diocese of Conversano and published two volumes about the history of Conversano city's music for the "Crescamus" collection of studies and at the Centro Studi "G.Piantoni" of Conversano.

Since 2012 he is collaborating with "The Journal of Music" (EDT) and with the magazine of African-American studies "Jam Session" (SIDMA).

He continues to improve technique with Antonio Ciacca, Dado Moroni, Furio Di Castri, Mark Sherman and Jerry Bergonzi, Bruno Tommaso, Roberto Spadoni.

Since 2011 he is the artistic director of Art'N Jazz Festival, which takes place in Conversano (BA).

He is the winner of a scholarship in 2012 of "Chieti in Jazz" (in arrangement and composition) and Conad Jazz Contest 2012 with his album "LOGOS" with which he was invited to perform in the same year, on the prestigious stage of the "Umbria Jazz Festival".